Harmoni Setup Instructions

How to Assemble the Harmoni Standing Desk

We advise that you assemble your Harmoni standing desk on a stable, flat surface with a minimum size of 50x50 cm. When slotting the shelves into place, the grooves on the shelves should be facing downwards.

1. Unpack each of the wooden pieces from the box.

2. Slot the base of the desk into the bottom slot of the main, slotted board.

3. Slot the keyboard shelf into the opposite side of the main board. We recommend positioning it so that your forearms would be at a right angle to your shoulders when using the keyboard.

4. Slot the laptop shelf above the keyboard shelf, on the same side of the main board. The ideal positioning is such that your laptop or monitor would be at eye level when using the desk.

5. Place your keyboard on the bottom shelf of the desk and your laptop on the top shelf.

Hints & Tips from Harmoni

  • Please do not lean heavily onto the keyboard shelf, especially if it is configured in one of the lower slots. This can compromise the stability of the desk.

  • If you are looking to use the stand whilst sitting, to elevate the height of your laptop,we recommend removing the bottom shelf and simply placing your keyboard on the table in front of you.

  • Do not load the desk with any more than 10kg and avoid any heavy knocks to the desk.