Frequently Asked Questions

The Harmoni Standing Desk

What is Harmoni?

A beautiful and affordable stand for your laptop or screen, Harmoni turns every table or desk into a standing desk

Who is the Harmoni stand intended for?

The Harmoni stand is for everyone who works on a computer for any significant period of time; office workers, the self-employed, students, freelancers, you name it! Anyone looking to better their health and performance can benefit from using the Harmoni stand

Where can the Harmoni stand be used?

Harmoni can be used anywhere! It turns every table or desk into a standing desk. Many of our customers are office workers who place the Harmoni stand on their desk at work

I work from home, can I use Harmoni?

Certainly! The Harmoni stand is very popular with freelancers and those who work from home. The stand is so easy to assemble that you can quickly set it up on any desk or table and, if you wanted to, disassemble it to store it away at the end of the day

Why Should I Stand to Work?

Why is sitting bad for you?

Blood clots: When sitting, blood flow to your legs and arms is impeded and this increases your risk of suffering from thrombosis (blood clots) and also your risk of stroke

Depression: Studies have found that sitting for more than 7 hours daily increases the risk of depression by almost 50%. The decrease in blood circulation makes it harder for happiness hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin to reach receptors in the brain

Musculoskeletal disorders and pain: Sitting hunched over a desk can cause shoulder, neck and back problems as it puts pressure on the discs in your spine. Sitting can also lead to problems with your wrists and hands, including repetitive strain injury, as poor posture strains the muscles and tendons in your wrist

Metabolic problems: When sitting, sugars and fats are less well absorbed by your body than when you move, this can lead to serious health problems such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes

Shortens life expectancy: A study by Columbia University found that people who sat in 30-minute stretches had a 55% lower death risk compared to those that sat for longer periods at a time. At the same time, people that often sit for more than 90 minutes at a time have a nearly two-fold greater risk of death. Even more alarmingly, the study found that this increase in mortality is independent of physical activity level. This means that even active people who sit for long periods at work are still at a high risk of premature death despite regular exercise

Should I avoid sitting altogether?

Not at all! Although we all should be standing a lot more to optimise our health and performance, and Harmoni facilitates this, many people will still prefer to do some (or even most) of their work from a sitting position, and that’s completely fine

Does standing up to work take some getting used to?

It can take a few days or even a few weeks to really get into the swing of standing to work. We recommend alternating between sitting and standing to begin with. You could, for example, only send emails standing up, or work for just 15 minutes out of each hour standing. The most important thing is to do what feels comfortable for you. Everyone is different and you will find a combination that fits your style of working

How to Use Harmoni

How do I assemble the Harmoni stand? Do I need screws or glue?

The bottom shelf of the stand is for your external keyboard, separate mouse and/or drawing tablet. The top shelf of the stand is for your laptop or monitor

To assemble:

1. Place the base of the stand into the bottom slot of the structure

2. Place the bottom shelf into the structure at a height that is comfortable for you, keep in mind that your elbows are best at an angle of about 90 degrees. Positioning the shelf at this level will help you to minimise any hand, wrist and arm discomfort that you may have experienced using a regular desk

3. Set the top shelf at a height such that you work with your head inclined at a slight angle, approximately 30 degrees or less. Matching the shelf closely to your eye level in this way will help you to minimise eye strain and prevent back problems

Can I use the Harmoni stand with a monitor?

The Harmoni stand was originally intended for use with laptops, but we also have a lot of users who work with a screen. The way you use the stand is completely up to you, all we would say is that we recommend loading the Harmoni stand with no more than 10 kilograms

Will the Harmoni stand scratch my desk/table?

No need to worry about scratches. The edges of the Harmoni stand are smooth and bevelled so there’s no risk of damage to your desk or table

How should I store my Harmoni stand?

When you are not using your Harmoni stand you can store it in the box it was delivered in. Or, if you have room, leave it out — it looks great

How should I clean the stand?

The Harmoni stand is super easy to clean. Simply use a damp cloth and some multi-surface cleaner

Do you supply a carrying case for the Harmoni stand?

We do not currently stock carrying cases but we’re working on it! Cases are in the development stage and we will be in a position to offer them very soon