About Us

  • We are Harmoni.

    Founded in 2020, by a team of entrepreneurs based in Manchester and Berlin, we have set out to reimagine what it means to work well. We’ve combined strong, natural materials and innovative, research-backed designs, to create products that don’t just help us to hit targets and smash objectives, but also to feel great while we work. Our mission? A smarterhealthier and more flexible way of working. 

  • Building the best workspace

    We know that buying a piece of furniture is a big investment, and that’s why all of our standing desks are built to last. We take pride both in the materials we use for our products, and the processes by which they are made. We use high-tech CNC machining to cut our wood, combining efficient, automated manufacturing with the upmost precision and attention to detail. By keeping production quality high we can also keep waste low, helping to mitigate our impact on the environment. 

Standing up for the planet

Sustainability is at the core of who we are as a brand. Shaping the workspace of the future shouldn’t compromise the future of the earth, and so we take care to make sure our environmental impact is as small as it can be. We use sustainable materials for all of our desks and standing mats, ensure no toxic waste is created through the disposal of our goods, and are working towards plastic-free packaging for all our products. We also carefully select local producers so we can limit our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Our wood

We currently use four varieties of wood for our standing desks: Birch, Maple, Oak and Walnut. 

We chose to create our desks out of wood not only because of its durability and natural beauty, but also because wood is an inherently sustainable material. Renewable and biodegradable, wood also requires far less energy to produce than other materials and continues to store carbon for years after it is felled. All of the wood we use is FSC Certified, and sustainably sourced from forests in Europe.

It is important to us that our standing desks can accommodate a wide variety of tastes and preferences, and that’s why we offer the desk in birch, maple, oak and walnut wood. All are strong and beautiful materials, yet each has a very distinctive tone and character.