Workspace Colours that Boost Productivity

Workspace Colours that Boost Productivity

More than serving an aesthetic purpose, colours should also be given credit for their unique effect on our moods. The right set of colours can very well flip the switch between gloomy and uplifting, motivating or demotivating. If you’ve been planning to make some changes in your home office, here are the colours that you should definitely consider!

blue green workspace

Blues and Greens to Stimulate the Mind

Nature colours like blue and green help make us more efficient and even more focused. Using these colours in your home workspace is a foolproof way to make sure your mind stays sharp and active! 
yellow workspace

Yellow for Creativity

Yellow palettes evoke emotions—ones that trigger our creative juices to flow; so if what you do entails a lot of visualisation and imagination, go with yellow!
green workspace

Green for a Sense of Balance

The trademark for money, green palettes are perfect for someone working in the financial department or industry. Green creates balance—peace of mind and clarity that are very important for careers that require immense attention to detail.
red workspace

Red for an Energy Boost 

If your job entails a lot of physical work, paint your workspace red. Red is active, intense, passionate, and energy-invoking; it increases our blood flow and heart rates!
white workspace

White for Clarity of the Mind 

You really can’t go wrong with something as classic as white. It brightens and freshens the space to get you to start the day with a clear mind. Plus, if you love to change things up in the workspace every couple of months or so, having a neutral background makes it really easy to do so!


lavender desk

Lavender for some Zen

If the number one workspace goal on your list is to make it stress-free, adorn it with lavender palettes! 

orange workspace

Orange for Determination 

A splash of orange to accent your workspace will do wonders on your energy levels and productivity. Just make sure to keep it to a minimum because overpowering your work area with this bright colour can have the opposite effect on your atmosphere! 




brown workspace

Rich Brown for Power

An earthy colour such as brown says strength and power. If you’re going for a sophisticated, industrial look to complement your management style, pair your brown backdrop with wooden furniture like Harmoni’s walnut standing desk. 


pink workspace

Pink for Some Warmth

A hope-radiating colour, pink provides a soothing, calming effect to any atmosphere. You might also be familiar with the phrase “in the pink”, coined because the colour represents health and success!




silver gray walls in a home office

Silver Grey to Power Through

A slightly brighter version of neutral tones, silver grey introduces a playful, elegant,modern vibe to any space. It’s a great choice for smart, hardworking, busy professionals!



To Conclude

The psychology of colours began way back in the 1800s, and many studies have been done since then. Much like wooden standing desks, colours positively impact our emotions, efficiency, and productivity! Bonus: wooden furniture complement pretty much any workspace palettes! If you’ve been considering a home office upgrade for a while, this is your “Do it!” sign. 

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