Work desk complete of laptop, iPhone, notepads, and coffee mug

What does your work desk say about you?

People spend hours a day sitting at their work desks. The only thing you do more of each day is sleep. So when you think about that, it makes sense that your desk almost becomes like a part of you.

Whether you work at home or in the office, your choices and actions can shape your personalities - your desks are no exception. That's why we think each person's desk tells us something about them both as workers and people. No matter how clean or how messy you are.

Scroll down to find out what your work desk says about you!

The Minimalist

the minimalist work desk with a laptop and a few more screens

At the other end of the spectrum are those who absolutely have to have a tidy, minimalist, mess-free workspace. So you won't find much on their desks besides the essentials, like a keyboard, mouse, maybe a notepad.

Many people believe that a clean desk shows a clean mind, and the "Minimalist" desk could be an example. It shows someone very organised, efficient, and disciplined.

How do you know this is you? This kind of desk might make you angry when spills from your neighbour's desk spread across yours, or if someone leaves something out of place.

Most likely, people who keep their desks clean are some of the most trustworthy people in the office. They have high standards and always get their work done on time.

The techie

This desk depicts a person with a quick, analytic mind who is technologically savvy. They flaunt their ostensibly keen intellect with all of their devices, implying that they are the "go-to person for any technical problems." 

You've probably seen them — the ones with their own keyboards and mouse brought from home, the wireless chargers proudly displayed on their desks. 

Their desks may be in shambles, but these people are creative and friendly like their messy desk colleagues. They are also curious, obsessive, and eager to try new things.

On the other hand, managers may find it challenging to collaborate with these technologists because they want to operate autonomously. So, while they may have some out-of-the-box ideas, it may take longer than expected for these ideas to come to fruition.


The Clutterer

A woman working on her cluttered desk

"The Clutterer" has a disorganized, chaotic work environment that is covered with a combination of personal and work materials. They are more extroverted and open to new experiences. This may be an instinctive system of working for some and an indicator that you want to have everything put out for you to work with.

Now, while cluttered desks may appear to be a terrible thing, this is not always the case:

People who like working at a desk with a slew of papers, printouts, and leftovers are more likely to break free of tradition. They tended to produce new or fresh ideas and be more creative.

But the clutterer should be very careful as they might be more busy finding missing things on their desk than actually doing their work.


The Home From Home

People who like to inject a little of their personality into everything, including their office desks, are very creative, extroverted, and open to new ideas and opportunities. Coworkers love these guys since they seem as pleasant as their desks.

They bring their favourite mug on their first day. The following day – a plant and other trinkets all throughout the place. So, essentially, this person's desk becomes a scaled-down replica of their home.

Many personalised products also demonstrate that they are content in their position and, hopefully, are not planning to leave very soon. They may, however, be a touch neurotic at times, primarily if they draw inspiration from motivating slogans and imagery.


The Boyscout / Girlscout 

There is always that one individual who is prepared for anything. They have medication if you're feeling a little bit under the weather. They have drawers containing complete meals, let alone snacks. So you should absolutely make acquaintances with the prepared individual.

Someone with a prepared desk is a hard worker at heart. They have everything they might need since they don't want anything to go in the way of finishing the task. They're probably quite creative, and you'll discover that they have out-of-the-box answers for practically any problem.

Having everything you might need may indicate that your desk isn't very neat, but it's most likely not on par with the untidy desks in your office. People will perceive you as the group's mother or father, so you may adopt a few coworkers under your wing. You must also become accustomed to being asked for various items throughout the day.


The Expander

Guy working on the table with multiple laptops

Everyone understands that you are allotted a certain amount of space in an office setting. For some, this is simply insufficient. No matter how much room they have, they'll gradually begin to encroach on yours, and before you realise it, they've claimed a portion of your desk or are keeping items beneath it.

They may say they are unaware of what they are doing, but they most emphatically are. It's genuinely all about comfort, as they want to ensure they have enough space to feel comfortable and not suffocated.

If you're an encroacher, you should obviously be aware of other people's limits so that you don't cross them. Encourage people to call you out, and you'll appear a lot more friendly, with fewer people complaining about your desk-stealing methods.


The Achiever

The Achiever desk, which houses mementoes from previous work campaigns and any cups, medals, or certificates of personal achievement, is a clear statement of naked ambition: 'Look at me, I'm a doer.' This workplace personality is thick-skinned and tunnel-visioned, willing to do virtually anything to advance. So naturally, the boss will value this individual.

Being proud of your accomplishments is a solid indicator of confidence and is typically a terrific attribute! And displaying your medals to see implies that people know who to turn to when they need assistance. 


The Takeaway

Whatever type of desk you have, it's essential that you try your best to keep it tidy.  After all, it’s the place where you spend the majority of your waking weekday, right? 

It’s best to dedicate a space for your things so you won’t have to misplace them. Keeping only what you need to do your work is also highly recommended, to help you keep your chaos under control. If all else fails, you can even schedule a weekly, or monthly clear out! 

Letter blocks that spells clear your space

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