Unexpected Ways You Can Use a Standing Desk

Unexpected Ways You Can Use a Standing Desk

Standing desks have changed the work-from-home life of many. They counter inactivity because standing burns more calories. They also help prevent body aches that often limit our efficiency and cause health issues. Even better, they boost your productivity by 48%!

All in all, standing desks are great for wellness and work efficiency, but did you know that they’re incredibly versatile as well? Here are other situations you might not know standing desks could be useful for:    

Chopping board



Standing desks offer a lot of space for prepping your meals. And because they’re ergonomically structured, you decrease your chances of getting back aches from hunching over that you could otherwise get from using a regular countertop. You could even have your favorite show playing right at eye level! If you meal prep quite regularly, Harmoni standing desks are ideal because they’re made of really durable material!


Balancing board

Getting and Staying Active

Standing offers a lot more area for mobility. With Harmoni desks, even when you’re working on your laptop, you can keep active using a standing desk. There are a lot of options for exercises you can multitask with- strength training, using a balancing board, yoga, etc. Beyond working hours, you can use your standing desk to copy a workout routine by propping your laptop, phone, or tablet at a form-friendly angle. 



Learning Crafts

Crafts can get messy, which means an efficiently-structured desk would be really useful. With Harmoni’s double level standing desk, you can conveniently watch a tutorial on your laptop while following along!


Guy recording a video

Shooting Photos and Videos

If you need to do a quick DIY photoshoot, you can do it easily with a standing desk. Because standing desks are adjustable, they could double as a tripod without the hassle of finding an upright angle. Taking photos and videos is even more convenient with Harmoni standing desks because they’re portable, so you can pretty much place them in any area that has great lighting. 


Girl watching a movie on her laptop

Watching a movie in bed

If you struggle to find a perfect place in your bed to lay your phone or tablet on, you can use a Harmoni standing desk. It sits on the surface perfectly and you get to comfortably watch your favorite show in bed and enjoy a snack while you’re at it. 


pencil and paper


While drawing for many people is an effective way to de-stress, spending a lot of time perfecting your art can be troublesome to your body. Oftentimes, we get really into what we’re doing and unknowingly crane our necks and curve our backs. Ergonomically designed standing desks help prevent body pain and can even be used as easels! 

Girl voice recording

Recording Podcasts

Harmoni standing desks are podcast-friendly. They give you just enough space for your mic, your computer, and other accessories; you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking something over and having to re-record! 



To Conclude

Standing desks will definitely find their way in both your work and personal routines, giving you a lot of value for your money. They’re ergonomic, convenient, and extremely functional. Bonus: They’re durable and stain-resistant. Know more about the benefits of a standing desk here

What are ways you have used your standing desk besides work? Let us know!

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