Top 10 TV Shows to Watch on Your Work Breaks

Top 10 TV Shows to Watch on Your Work Breaks

Watching a show to break the ice during a work day helps keep our ideas fresh and our minds alert. But looking for a short, feel-good TV show can really take up your 30-minute or one hour work break. Truly, the endless options on streaming apps are a blessing and a curse. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to look up sitcoms, TV series, and comedies that have episodes ranging from half an hour to an hour so you can have this reference the next time you need some breather!

Friends TV Show Cast Members

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1. Friends

If you haven’t seen this well-loved TV show from the late 90s yet, Friends is about six friends living in New York City who discover the ups and downs of adulthood together. Though it has its fair share of heart-wrenching episodes, most of them are relatable and funny! Best of all, each episode is only about 22 minutes long!




The Office TV Show Cast


2. The Office

A comedy classic, The Office is a documentary-style show that follows the daily lives of employees at a paper company in Pennsylvania. Not only are the characters individually funny, you’re sure to see yourself (and possibly your coworkers) in one of its characters, too! It features office romance, friendships, and coworker relationships!




How I Met Your Mother TV Show Cast


3. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother begins with Ted Mosby-the main character- telling his children hundreds of stories from his adolescent life that eventually led him to meeting and forming a relationship with their mom. The show goes back and forth between timelines; it keeps anyone who watches it on their toes for the much-awaited ‘mom reveal’, which doesn’t happen until the 184th episode! 




That 70s Show Cast

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4. That 70s Show

Set in the retro 70s, the show revolves around 6 teens in high school in the state of Wisconsin growing up and each dealing with life as a teenager. The episodes will definitely take you back (and laugh about) your own struggles as a teen!




New Girl TV Show Cast

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5. New Girl

The New Girl sitcom centers on actress Zoeey Deschanel’s character after she moves in with four guys in a loft in New York City. She ends up forming solid friendships with Nick, a law school dropout working as a bartender; Schmidt, an office worker struggling to climb the corporate ladder; Coach, an import basketball player in Latvia who returned to New York after two years; and Coach, an athlete turned highschool coach. 




Kim’s Convenience TV Show Cast

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6. Kim’s Convenience

Kim’s Convenience is a corny, hilarious  sitcom about a Korean family running their own convenience store in Canada. It shows their humorous misadventures as they find themselves caught between cultural differences and family conflicts. 




Brooklyn Nine Nine TV Show Cast

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7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the lives of New York detectives of diverse characters who have formed unbreakable bonds with each other as their precinct protects citizens and busts crimes. 




Big Bang Theory TV Show Cast

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8. Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory stars four socially awkward, genius scientists and an  aspiring Hollywood actress who moves in next door. She helps them untangle social constructs and romantic relationships outside of the laboratory. The show is packed with dry humour you’ll find really refreshing!




Archer TV Show Characters

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9. Archer

Inspired by James Bond movies, Archer follows the character of a suave, sexist spy on his adventures in the spy world; sometimes saving the world from a disaster and sometimes working with Colombian drug cartels. 




Scrubs TV Show Cast

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10. Scrubs

With 10 years worth of episodes, Scrubs is a medical sitcom that revolves around a group of medical interns.  Compared to other medical shows, Scrubs leans more towards a slapstick  route, but it captures the reality of medical training and hospital work culture!


There you have it: entertaining, light-hearted shows you can watch or have in the background while you take some time off your projects and deadlines! Any suggestions on shows to add to this list? Let us know!

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