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The Effect of Wood on People's Minds

Do you know the feeling when you go to a park or forest? You see everything around you: trees, birds, small animals etc. And suddenly, it feels as if all your worries disappear into thin air? That's the same effect most people have on wood. 

But is there more to it than just the aesthetic properties that draw us to it? Keep reading to find out!


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It creates feelings of calmness and peace.

Wood has a positive effect on the mental state of people. For example, looking at wood affects people positively and creates feelings of calmness and peace. The smell of wood also has many health-promoting effects, such as relieving stress and tension and improving sleep quality. In addition, the touch of wood is also very pleasant to humans and stimulates their senses; it is an emotional experience that brings well-being to human life.


It helps reduce stress and discontent.

Think about it: While spending time outdoors, you experience a sense of peace and serenity that can't be replicated in a building or other urbanized environment. Likewise, if you're feeling fatigued, the look and feel of wood can help refresh your mind and energize your body.

That's why a person who lives or works surrounded by wood feels more comfortable than those living or working on other materials. The wood structure influences the human brain precisely, which makes people relaxed and more creative.


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Promotes health and well-being in the workplace

Indoor wood surfaces can aid promote physiological health in the same manner that indoor plants can. For example, according to the findings, 82% of workers exposed to eight or more wooden surfaces in their office were either happy or extremely satisfied with their work, compared to only 53% of individuals exposed to no wooden surfaces.



People are beginning to recognize the importance of incorporating nature into our daily lives, and we're seeing more wood used in modern homes and workplace fixtures and furnishings. Furthermore, based on the popularity of handcrafted and one-of-a-kind items, it's apparent that wood is here to stay.

Wood's lasting qualities make it an excellent choice for furniture or an office finish that complements your company's design and conveys the tale of its origins.

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