How To Stay Active on a Busy Day

How To Stay Active on a Busy Day

Juggling the demands of our jobs while staying fit and healthy is no easy task and can be demotivating. There are days, even weeks, when going to the gym or maintaining a workout program is just not possible. Though the fact remains true: health should top everyone’s list of priorities. Luckily, there are ways to keep your body active despite having a jam packed schedule!

Girl on a Balancing Board Next to a Dog

Get on a balancing board.

Balancing boards are great for multitasking; you can be on a balancing board while working on a desk! They keep your core engaged, improve your balance, and strengthen your endurance. Balancing boards are designed differently to account for muscle memory and help with sports that require a lot of balance—gymnastics, surfing, skating, etc.



Girl Doing a Yoga Pose

Do yoga

Yoga is one the most scalable workouts there are. The movements done in yoga run from can-do-with-eyes-closed to extremely challenging, so they can definitely be desk-friendly! Start with these yoga poses you can do on your desk! Even better, yoga also keeps you energised and it helps with back pain! 


Girl Working on a Standing Desk

Stand instead of sitting!

Sitting for hours on end can make us forget about maintaining a healthy posture and limit our movement. If your job requires a lot of desk work, using a standing desk is a good idea! Standing desks help beat inactivity, improve posture, increase blood flow, and put you in a better mood!



Girl Working Out Using Resistance Bands and Dumbbells

Use hand weights and resistance bands. 

Weights and resistance bands are portable and space-saving; you could keep them in your workspace! There are a lot of strength, flexibility, and endurance exercises you could do with them that don’t demand wide-range movements; you can easily squeeze in a weight and resistance band workout during a meeting!



Girl on the Phone

Walk around your house or your office.

When taking phone calls or meetings where you don’t have to present, take the opportunity to get moving! It may not replace an hour long gym session, but it’s so much better than spending the whole day sitting. It’ll also prevent you from zoning out!



Woman Scrolling Through Her Phone

Download workout apps.

For busy bees like you, there are a lot of apps that offer 5 to 7 minute workouts that can get you moving and your heart rate up throughout the day. Check out this article listing fitness apps with brief but intense workouts!



Girl Doing Desk Stretches

Do desk stretches and desk workouts.

If you’re absolutely swamped at work and cannot leave your desk, you can make do with stretches and workouts that you can do sitting down or standing up without having to take your eyes off your screen! 

To Conclude

As ideal as it would be to regularly go to the gym, stressing about it too much would be counterproductive. Sometimes we just don’t have the time, however there are some small things during your day which can have a real impact on your activity, and it’s not all about walking up the stairs!  What’s important is that we stay healthy and everything else comes after! You can never go wrong eating right, staying hydrated, having a good sleeping schedule, and staying as active as possible! 

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