Signs You Should Probably Quit Your Job

Signs You Should Probably Quit Your Job

A PSA to my bosses: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect that of the author’s.

Whether it’s because of an opportunity we cannot say no to or a work environment we can no longer say yes to, resigning from our job is a pivotal part of our career. But when is a work situation beneficial and when is it detrimental to not only our growth but our health? In this article we’ve listed telltale signs you should probably start drafting your resignation letter. 

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You see no opportunities for growth. 

Unfortunately, not all jobs offer room for growth, skill-wise and/or career-wise. Apart from an opportunity to get a promotion, growth can also actualise from heading a big project, earning certifications from intensive training, being mentored by a senior, or learning from a branch of the business that’s still unfamiliar to you. It’s important that you communicate this need to your direct superior or HR department before deciding to quit! If their efforts towards you and other employees do not seem to be aligned with the goal of growth, then you should start looking elsewhere. 

You’re seriously underpaid.

There are a lot of factors that go into evaluating salary: seniority, perceived market value, amount of non-monetary benefits, and the scope of work. If you’re noticing a wage discrepancy versus market value, see if your fringe benefits are enough to balance out. If by then you’re still considered underpaid by industry standards, your first move should be to rally for an increase! Here’s a guide on how you can ask for a raise. If you’re met with adamance,  however, you should explore a new opportunity. 

Your work environment is toxic.

If you’re extremely unhappy with the environment at work and you find yourself dreading every single work day because of it, that’s a red flag! A healthy workplace should not be an avenue for power trip, unfair treatment, lack of respect, dishonesty, harassment, among other practices that lead to a very high turnover and low employee morale. 

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When you can’t find a good reason to recommend the workplace to your friends..

If you wouldn’t dream of recruiting your friends to your workplace, that’s a valid reason to quit! Sometimes we bear with our personal circumstances under the guise of strength but really, it takes as much strength to acknowledge and say you’ve had enough! 

Your skills aren’t being challenged. 

It’s great to feel comfortable at work, but if you’re feeling comfortable because you’re overqualified for the job, you should take it up with your manager. Staying in your comfort zone hampers your growth and can lead to a lack of a feeling of fulfillment. If the management isn’t looking into sharpening your skill set, that’s your sign to leave. 

When you’re becoming an instrument in unethical business practices

If you catch yourself compromising your morals in an effort to “serve your purpose” in the company, leave right away! Not only is it a burden on your mental health, but it can also seriously affect your potential employment in the future. Anything that falls short of honest and fair points to a sign you should resign!

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If you’re experiencing any form of harassment

Any level of harassment should not be tolerated in the workplace! Don’t hesitate to call out inappropriate comments, offensive “jokes”, intentional humiliation, intimidation, slurs, among other things. No matter where you sit in the organizational structure, respect should be bare minimum! 

To Conclude

If you’ve actively taken steps to address your work-related issues to no avail and have then  decided to leave your employer, it’s best to be prepared! Take interviews and secure an offer that can replace your source of income once your resignation takes effectivity! Equally important: never feel apologetic about prioritizing your physical and mental well-being!

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