Should You Keep Some Crystals At Your Desk?

Should You Keep Some Crystals At Your Desk?

Keeping crystals at your desk can be an excellent idea for many reasons; for one, it can be a great decoration. But if you're not into its aesthetics, crystals can also be valuable tools for work. 

Like a stress ball, some people might find that keeping a crystal nearby helps them stay focused or feel more productive in their work environment. So if you need help getting centred and focusing on your tasks, try putting your crystal near you and see how it helps!

What is Lithotherapy? 

Lithotherapy is a practice that has been used for centuries. It involves placing crystals near or on the body to help with various problems.

Lithotherapy is a great way to deal with several issues in the home office environment by using stones that have been naturally formed over millions of years.

For centuries, cultures worldwide have used crystals and gemstones in jewellery, talismans and stones for healing purposes.

There are several theories about why they positively affect us: some believe that crystals are living beings capable of regulating our energy systems; others emit electromagnetic waves specific to each mineral shaped over millions of years. Some studies even prove that a crystal inserted under your bedding can help reduce pain during menstruation.

Which Crystals Are Good for Beginners?

If you want to harness the power of crystals for your purposes, think about what kind of energy you need in your work life. Some crystals are designed to help cleanse thoughts and remove negative energy, while others boost productivity. Take a look at some of these most popular office-friendly stones and see which one speaks to you.

Crystals that are known to be particularly powerful include amethyst rose quartz, ruby and emerald.

Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals and has a strong reputation as an amulet. It's thought to have powerful healing properties and is often used to aid sleep and reduce nightmares, stress and anxiety.

Rose Quartz is another crystal found in many homes due to its reputation for attracting love, both romantic and platonic. It also has strong associations with self-love and healing from past relationships, so if someone has hurt you, it may help heal your heart before you move on with your life.

Crystals on a desk - Lithotherapy


How to Use These Crystals?

If you're interested in meditation and mindfulness practices, crystals are sometimes used in meditation to help ground and focus the mind. If this appeals to you, try placing your crystal somewhere where it is easy for you to reach when working. This makes it easy for you to pick up during any breaks or low moments at work!

The type of crystal one might choose to put on their desk will depend on what they want to get out of it.

Crystal fans with lots of things going on might want to try petrified wood. It's said to spark creativity while boosting concentration and memory—a lot of something. It helps with focus, but it also gives you energy and enthusiasm, so it may help you get motivated to tackle a massive project or challenging piece of work.

If you tend to feel anxious or depressed at the office (and office stress is very real), we suggest placing some celestite nearby to help reduce your anxiety levels and keep your mind calm.

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Whatever you believe, many people agree that stones can help improve our moods, increase concentration and reduce stress just by looking at them.

Many people are aware that stones can aid productivity and mental cleaning. However, crystals are experts in resolving many workplace issues, including self-doubt, feelings of failure, and a lack of inspiration—even the quirks of obnoxious coworkers can be fixed with a bit of crystal help!

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