The Most Relatable Work Memes Ever

The Most Relatable Work Memes Ever

There are days at work when you just can’t. And sometimes, a little icebreaker goes a long way. So put off that report due or paperwork for a bit and shake off the stress with extremely relatable work memes that we’re sure have happened to you and your coworkers one too many times:


  1. When a minute at work feels like an hour: 

Source: JustFab on Facebook


  1. When you can’t seem to empty your to-do list: 

Source: Seebangnow


  1. When you procrastinate on a task you really, really don’t feel like doing: 

Source: Tiktok


  1. Sometimes you run out of excuses for being late. 

Source: @loewhaley on Tiktok 


  1. When you have to master the act of pretending everything is ok:

Source: @stupidresumes


  1. When your manager doesn’t like bringing negativity into the team: 



  1. The end of a Friday work day is peak happiness. 

Source: Trending Emporium Australia


  1. When your last brain cell is gradually losing the battle: 

Source: @KoolKanya on Twitter


  1. When ‘tired’ practically becomes your middle name: 

Source: @Juncoc0 on Twitter


  1. When you keep forgetting to send your email with the attachment: 

Source: @rekhanahar on Twitter


  1. When you’re basically a Zoom meeting pro:

Source: @TweetofTriumph on Twitter


  1. When 80 % of your Zoom meeting is “Can you guys hear me?”

Source: @LHWritingAU on Twitter


  1. That one overly participative coworker: 



  1. Most of the time your decision-making skills are put to the test. 

Source: @EastsideASB on Twitter


  1. Moments that make you think, “Oh no, not again.”:



  1. When you’re back to work but your mind isn’t: 



  1. When you got the Monday blues: 

Source: @Spectrum_1982 on Twitter


  1. When you go through your emails first thing in the morning: 

Source: @anshikawatshi on Twitter


  1. That one dreaded sound: 

Source: RJPJR on Twitter


  1. No one likes crazy, busy Mondays. 

Source: @LOCCITANE_UK on Twitter


  1. There’s an unwritten rule that Friday afternoons are not meant for meetings. 

Source: @loewhaley on Tiktok 


  1. When you can’t help but be excited for the future: 




  1. When you’re 100% fluent in corporate language: 

Source: Digital Mom on Pinterest


  1. When you can only summon one facial expression for all your meetings: 

Source: Buzzfeed


  1. There’s no escaping the inevitable. 

Source: Buzzfeed


  1. Things don’t always happen as quickly as we expect them to. 

Source: Buzzfeed


  1. Getting a paycheck isn’t an entirely happy occasion. 

Source: Buzzfeed


  1. When you say “I’m always up for a challenge.” during your job interview so saying no is no longer an option: 

Source: @_ImFreshPrince_ on Twitter


  1. When you take “Work smarter, not harder." a little too seriously: 

Source: @InnerKermit on Twitter


  1. Waking up early is a task in itself. 

Source: @kaayjimenez_ on Twitter


  1. When your boss asks for a report on a Friday at 5:30 pm: 

Source: Peacock via Giphy


  1. When your boss tells you WFH is over and you have to come to the office again: 

Source: Peacock via Giphy




To Conclude

Apart from a good old meme therapy, a comfortable office space can help cure your work blues, too (or at least lessen the blow)! Our tip: look into productivity-boosting, ergonomic standing desks and therapeutic essential oils! 

What are your favorite corporate-life memes? Send them our way @harmoni.desk on Instagram! 

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