Tim Gray Working with standing desk

Meet Tim Gray, The Founder and CEO of Health Optimisation Summit

Known as the “UK’s leading Biohacker”, Tim Gray is a psychology specialist, entrepreneur and speaker who founded and invested in multiple seven-figure businesses. After spending years researching and self-healing his body from chronic health conditions through biohacking, Tim set out to help others improve their own health. Tim created The Health Optimisation Summit, a leading European conference which is the world’s-first collaboration between Bulletproof Biohacking Conference and PaleoF(x).
Through this summit, Tim helps to bring together the most forward-thinking individuals to share their insight from the health, biohacking and fitness industries amongst others and help to inspire and educate the public.
Tim speaks globally at many health conferences and events including Bulletproof Upgrade Labs, PaleoFx & Mindvalley as well as over thirty-five podcasts a year. He has also been featured in The Times, Wanderlust and GQ as well as many other world-renowned publications. We are really exciting to be working with Tim who ‘bloody loves’ our Harmoni desk stand!
Check out Tim's Instagram post about his own work set up ! HERE
Given that British Office Workers spend 8.9 hours sitting (according to healthline), our Harmoni desk stand has been ergonomically designed to help combat this problem. Made from high quality, sustainable birch plywood, Harmoni is a contemporary alternative to sitting at your desk for monotonous hours on end. With our Harmoni desk stand, you will feel more alert, motivated and above all, healthy.
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