5 Essential Benefits of a Standing Desk

5 Essential Benefits of a Standing Desk

You probably know some work colleagues or friends who have suffered from back problems caused by prolonged sitting. In fact, according to the Behavioural Futurist report, seven in ten workers are resulting to medication to manage their issues caused by the workplace. But just how easily avoidable are these musculoskeletal disorders, and how can you put your physical health first when you are WFH (working from home)?

Our Harmoni desk stand has been ergonomically designed to help combat this common problem. Made from high quality, sustainably sourced birchwood, the Harmoni desk stand provides a contemporary alternative to sitting at your desk for monotonous hours on end. The benefits of a standing desk are limitless. We have put together our five top benefits of using a desk stand in order to reduce your prolonged sitting time throughout the day, and boost your energy levels!

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1- Reduce symptoms of back ache

 According to getbritainstanding, British people sit for 8.9 hours each day (on average)! Do you experience discomfort in your back following a long day sitting in the office? Our desk stand will help aid your movement and ability to optimise your work ethic. Along with using a standing desk, we recommend incorporating movement into your day wherever you can. British Medical Association experts recommended in 2015 that all workers should spend two hours of their working day standing; gradually increasing this to four hours per day over time.

Similarly, Stanford University researchers discovered that workers who used sit-stand desks instead of regular desks were more likely to report a pain-free day. Along with standing whilst you work, try cycling to work, or if you are unable to go into the office at the moment, perhaps you could do some extra stairs or complete a short walk in your lunch break? According to easystand, regular standing can increase your range of motion. So why not make that step and invest in your health with a Harmoni desk stand?

*If you are after a standing desk as a result of a musculoskeletal condition, we would advise you to seek expert advice from a physiotherapist who can assess your condition properly before purchasing a desk stand.*

2- Boost your energy levels and your productivity

By choosing to stand rather than sit, you will not only reduce your risk of weight gain and obesity, but also boost your energy levels; optimising your productivity at work. For many of us who spend the entire day sitting down, this causes our spine to curve and make us feel more lethargic. Office workers are already suffering from strained eyes (50%), sore backs (49%)  and headaches (48%) as a direct result of the workplace (according to the Behavioural Futurist report).

Instead, our Harmoni desk stand offers you tons of benefits. Not only will you feel more energised, but research shows that standing can help reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, reducing blood sugar levels by 34% (according to the American Diabetes Association). Likewise, an additional research study by Stanford University found that moving from a standing to a seating position every thirty minutes throughout the day reduced fatigue levels for the participants. By using a Harmoni desk stand you will feel more energised and benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

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3- Benefit from a healthy lifestyle

As the countdown to Christmas commences and we all adjust to the colder weather by staying indoors, why not make a positive investment in your health by using a standing desk? Research shows that one in six deaths in the UK have been linked with a sedentary lifestyle (according to fika-online). Whilst you might not feel like going for a run in the dark, our desk stand is lightweight and portable; meaning you can still stay active even in the evenings. Moreover, you can set up your workspace from whichever room you wish.

By choosing to stand rather than sit, you will tone your core muscles and even raise your metabolism. 

4- Work from home or the office

Another fantastic benefit of using a Harmoni is desk stand is due to the fact that it weighs only 6kg and is therefore easily transportable between your home and the office. Whether you are after increased flexibility, you like a change of space, or maybe you’re looking for ways to stay more productive whilst working at home, our Harmoni desk stand will allow you to optimise your efforts. Additionally, you don’t need to feel anxious as you anticipate how long your desk will take to build!

The desk stand is extremely simple to use. Simply slot the two frames together and place your shelves into the frame. You don’t need to worry about dismantling the desk either, you can quickly build and dismantle our desk stand in less than five minutes without using any additional equipment.

office space with standing desk

5- Give your workspace a fresh, stylish look 

 Our Harmoni desk stand is a stylish, sustainable and affordable work of art that will fit effortlessly into your workspace. Finished with a satin sheen and made from high quality, sustainable birchwood, the Harmoni desk stand has many benefits. It is a high-end, long-lasting investment which will provide you with happiness for years to come.

Along with your Harmoni desk stand, you can also help boost your mood by positioning your standing desk in a room which has lots of natural sunlight. Consultant psychiatrist Dr TBS Balamurali points out: ‘Sunlight - alongside fresh air and access to nature - is fundamentally good for your mental health.’ Likewise, by having lots of plants around your workspace you will feel a sense of being grounded and supported. Likewise, studies have shown that many people associate plants with relaxation and restoration; which are essential in helping reduce your levels of stress so that you can stay productive at work. 

Moreover, we also recommend positioning your desk stand in a room which is quiet with little noise distractions. Professor Adrian Rees from the University of Newcastle illuminates this furter, ‘Noise is tapping into your “fight or flight” response’, resulting in increased adrenaline and blood pressure. Along with reducing the amount of noise, by keeping your workspace clean and organised you will help further reduce your levels of stress and also create a calming working environment. Additionally, studies have found clutter can raise your levels of cortisol due to the fact that mess can sometimes result in delivering conflicting stimuli to the brain which then overworks in order to separate these unhelpful signals. 


There are many benefits for using a standing desk, and aside from the obvious mental and physical health benefits, you’ll be sure to work in style! Given that nine in ten British office workers suffer from poor health due to their work environment (according to the Behavioural Futurist), and as a result find it more difficult to do their job, isn’t it time you made an investment into your health? Using a standing desk will not only give you immediate results such as reducing back pain and increasing your energy levels, but will also help improve your mood and have a long lasting, positive impact on your overall well being. If you’re looking for ways to adapt and incorporate a healthier lifestyle then no look no further. 

Feel free to take a look on our website https://harmoni.design/ and be sure to order yours for Christmas as a gift perhaps to one of your family or friends, or even for yourself.

By Katie Bodha


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