Customer Story: Meet Wim 

Customer Story: Meet Wim 

Our Harmoni desk stand helps you to find a smarter, healthier and more flexible way of working. Wim recently became the proud owner of his Harmoni desk stand and we caught up with him this month to hear about his experience using his desk stand.

Q: What is your occupation? What type of work or activity do you use your Harmoni desk for?

I am a CEO and co-owner of an engineering consulting company. I use my Harmoni desk whilst working from home!

Q: What sort of routine do you have?

I typically stand 80% of the time!

Q: How has our standing desk helped your health?

At the office I use quite an expensive, electric standing desk. However, at home that isn’t the case. I used to have neck ache when working from home non-ergonomically and would be in front of my computer screen for a minimum of eight hours with lots of zoom meetings. Since using my Harmoni desk, I’m now really comfortable working from home and feel much sharper at the end of the day. This is really important as I like sports. 

Q: What do you like about the desk?

I’m really happy with the look of the desk as well as its simplicity and effectiveness! The Harmoni desk is great for working in front of a window. I can stand and look outside from time to time. It’s also extremely ergonomic, I can use my keyboard, mouse and laptop at ideal locations even for hours in a row. The desk fits nicely into my interior as it is modern and elegant. We have a kind of ‘Scandinavian style’ in our house with light colours and not too heavy furniture.

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