Customer Story: Meet Seb

Customer Story: Meet Seb

The Harmoni stand has been designed to help you work smarter so that you can be more productive and feel more energised. Seb is a writer who recently became the proud owner of their Harmoni desk stand and we caught up with them this month to hear about their experience using their desk stand.

Q: What is your occupation and do you work from home?
I write novels and articles full time from my floating narrowboat home. 

Q: What sort of routine do you have?
My routine is pretty relaxed. I get up in a morning and say goodbye to my girlfriend, meditate, have a coffee with breakfast, and then set up my Harmoni desk on the dining room table. While standing, I can write while watching the ducks and swans floating past on the canal and take in the rolling hills around the marina. 

Q: How has our standing desk helped your health?
My posture had become pretty bad throughout the pandemic, and writing is a pretty sedentary job as it is. Since using the Harmoni desk, I've had more energy, less back pain, and less neck ache too. I feel less sluggish, and even when using the desk while sitting down I don't have that same feeling of being scrunched up.

Q: What do you like about the desk and what difference has standing to work made to your productivity? 

People who work from tiny homes will know that there's always something to do. I find that while I'm writing standing up, I can quickly go and put a log on the fire, tidy up, or do something more enjoyable like making an espresso without constantly being up and down like a jack-in-the-box. I feel more alert too, and although it took a bit of getting used to, I now find that I prefer standing while writing to sitting! It turns out that keeping on your toes is good for creating new worlds and exciting plot twists. 
I'd definitely recommend this desk to my friends (in fact I already have) and any other people who work in tiny homes without oodles of space. My Harmoni desk slots neatly away by the sofa and looks pretty swish as both a desk and an ornament!

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