Customer Story: Meet Marissa

Customer Story: Meet Marissa

This month we are delighted to introduce our customer of the month, Marissa! Marissa is an inspiring dramatherapist, mental health practitioner, fundraiser and educator. We were really excited to catch up with her on her experiences using our Harmoni desk stand. 


With lockdown in the UK meaning many more working from home weeks, it was time to look after my back and my fitness and invest in a standing desk! This sustainable option from @harmoni.desk looks amazing on my desk and is made of wood so no nasty plastics. I also purchased through ShopPay so the delivery was carbon neutral. Stay home and stay safe everyone!”


Q: What is your occupation?

I am the part-time Individual Giving Manager at the MS Trust and a part-time self-employed mental health practitioner. I work from home due to Covid-19 but will be flexi-working between office and home in the future.


Q: What sort of routine do you have?

I normally wake up at 6/6.30am, do some exercise (a walk, Zumba, HIIT or yoga), work 9-5pm then do some volunteering, hang out with my partner or friends, watch Netflix or read a good book in the evening.


Q: How has our standing desk helped your health?

I have MS myself and my back is quite numb and sore a lot of the time. The standing desk has helped my posture and distracts me from the numbness. My step count is also up and I am more proactive about wandering to the kitchen to rehydrate or open a window for some fresh air.


Q: What difference has standing to work made to your productivity? 

I struggle with fatigue and a short attention span. Alternating between standing and sitting helps me to maintain my energy, keep focused and I also have a dance party at my desk to my favourite music while I’m working - I just can’t help it! I have already recommended the Harmoni desk to a friend - it definitely is a great product and amazing value for money!

Marissa works for a charity called the MS Trust. The MS Trust is a small UK charity dedicated to making life better for people living with multiple sclerosis today.


If you would like to be featured in our Monthly Customer story, don’t hesitate to send us a photo of your Harmoni desk stand for a chance to be chosen!



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