Customer Story: Meet Speech Coach Maria Tecce

Customer Story: Meet Speech Coach Maria Tecce

Does back pain often bother you when you’re working on your desk? For speech coach Maria Tecce, the pain was bordering on incapacitating. Find out how her Harmoni Standing Desk has changed her work days for the better! 

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a Public Speaking & Voice Coach, Actor, Singer who helps speakers own their voice, own their story, and own the room.

Q: Can you tell us about your coaching career?

I coach CEOs and entrepreneurs in public speaking skills, so that's using body language, vocal presence, and crafting their words to give impactful, powerful, stunning speeches and presentations.

Q: Who are your usual mentees? 

I coach business professionals, speakers, writers, and performers who want to conquer their performance anxiety, leverage their voice, and speak up with confidence on the big stage.

Q: Do you have a specific quote you live for?

"Own your voice, own your story, own the room.”

Q: How has the Harmoni standing desk changed the way you work?

I was suffering from severe back and hip pain back in December and I couldn't sit down to coach.  Since most of my work was virtual, this was a huge problem.  I saw the Harmoni desk when I googled 'standing desks' and immediately knew it was the answer to my prayer.  With the Harmoni desk, I can stand for my meetings or sit and it takes all the pressure off my hips and back.  

Q: For you, what's the optimal way of working?

Having the choice to stand or sit! With the simple design of the Harmoni desk, I can do both in one meeting.  If I find I'm starting to have pain, I can adjust the levels of the desk in a second and change my position.  It changed my coaching life and enabled me to keep coaching at a time when I was in so much pain I thought I'd have to cancel my coaching sessions.  Thank you, Harmoni!

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The language of ergonomics is no stranger to the Harmoni Standing Desk, to say the least! It’s designed to not only improve/avoid back pain, but it’s also customizable to your personal comfort levels, so our customer’s success stories with their standing desks definitely mean the world to us! If you would love to share your story and be featured on our blog, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email ( along with a photo of yourself with your standing desk!

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