The Best Health and Wellbeing Subscription Boxes You Need This Year

The Best Health and Wellbeing Subscription Boxes You Need This Year

Last year alone, over two billion people purchased goods online. With more people than ever switching to shop online this year, the retail landscape has undergone a digital transformation which has almost doubled in size. 

With the last year of lockdown coupled with the mental health crisis which has swept across the globe, it is more important than ever before for you to look after your physical and mental health.

As a result, we’ve put together the top health and wellbeing subscription boxes which we think are brilliant and worth investing in with a year’s subscription. So grab a cup of tea and sit back and relax (and get your bank card at the ready!)

1) Books That Matter

For those who haven’t heard of Books That Matter before, this book subscription service is like no other. Awarded female startup of the year (2021), this book subscription is completely different to any other subscriptions available on the market. You’ll 100% want to purchase at least one of these boxes! 

The UK’s leading book subscription service, Books That Matter provides boxes which contain uniquely selected products including not only a book, but also additional gifts such as vegan chocolates, a bag tote and some cute stationary. 

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Each box is also carefully curated each month with a particular theme or partnership charity (e.g. feminism, PRIDE, choose LOVE etc.). With the boxes curated inclusively; placing a variety of different identities and representation of people in both the boxes and charities which the company works with, the brand is helping to diversify the publishing industry; placing a variety of different authors into the hands of eager customers. 

To check out Books That Matter’s website, click here!

2) Pause

Pause is a monthly subscription box created by Mind, the mental health charity. This box has been created to boost your wellbeing and provides resources for mental health support and assistance. 

Given that one in four adults in the UK are diagnosed each year with a mental health condition (according to research published by the NHS), and seven-hundred and ninety-two people are affected by mental health issues worldwide, the work this charity does is far reaching and has a huge impact.

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The Pause subscription box encourages you to find some time during the day to reflect on how you are feeling. There are also challenges inside encouraging you to learn a new skill and build up your self esteem. 

Whether you are feeling a little disconnected at the moment, or you just need an extra five minutes to feel calm during the day, this box is for you! Check out their website here!

3) A Box of Happiness

Feeling a bit stuck at the moment and wanting to change your career? This box is for you! This monthly subscription box contains thirty questions that will help you to find your purpose in life. With beautiful quotes and a wooden stand, feel inspired and make your outlook on life brighter with these positive messages and affirmations. 



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Turn your passion into your life’s work with a Box of Happiness. The box is purposefully designed to help you “discover your calling so that you can live a life of purpose.” 

Feel inspired? Check out their website here for more information!


4) Queer Book Box

If the name doesn’t give it away, this queer book subscription aims to help empower LGBTQ+ people by providing quality literature which reflects its readers. 

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Receive a fantastic book and some unique gifts in the post every month with this inclusive subscription box. What’s more, Queer Books work with independent book shops including Gay’s The Word, the UK’s first and oldest lesbian and gay book shop. Featuring an array of liberating books, this London based book shop is a pillar stone for many queer people, not just based in London, but across the whole UK. 

Support two LGBTQ+ owned businesses, and in the process enjoy expanding your literary knowledge today with a Queer Book Box. Experience the joy and power of reading about characters you can see yourself or your friends reflected in. Check out their website here to take a closer look!


5) Natural Wellness Box

The Natural Wellness box contains a selection of luxury natural health, beauty and wellness products. Given the importance of self-care and looking after your mental and physical health, this subscription box will help you to feel and look good by using all natural, chemical-free vegan products. 

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Released every two months, the Natural Wellness Box was founded by Catherine, a mum of two with a passion for natural health and wellness. Each box has a unique theme containing luxury skincare products, healthy snacks and herbal teas. Check out their website here to order yours today!


6) The Mental Wealth Box

This subscription box provides useful mental health resources, natural self-care products (including meditation techniques and breathing exercises) as well as natural herbal tea blends. 

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Perfect either for a gift to yourself (you deserve it!) or a gift for a close friend, this subscription box is the perfect antidote for helping to relieve any stress or tension which might have been building up. 

Featured in Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day, this subscription box is highly sought after and a favourite for many women across the globe. 

For more information, check out their website here!

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