Work Perks Your Employees Will Love!

Work Perks Your Employees Will Love!

Let’s face it. Nowadays, it’s much easier to switch jobs. Oftentimes you don’t even have to leave your home anymore. More than a great work environment and at the very least, a reasonable salary, it’s work perks that can give a company its edge. It’s practically a given; it’s a great way to keep your employees happy! Here are some work perk ideas your employees will love: 


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Customizable Experiential Offers

Some time off from work is definitely important. Also definite is that different people have different ideal ways to unwind, so personalized experiences reminiscent of bucket lists will for sure be appreciated! Check out Blueboard, a recognition platform that lets you tailor fit rewards to your employees. 




From retail perks to a subscription to a streaming service, employee-exclusive discounts are always a good idea. It doesn’t only provide access to a certain kind of lifestyle, but it’s a way of showing you care about your employees lives outside of work! Check out Empuls’ catalogue for employee perks!


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Performance Bonus

Being recognized for a job well done can be really motivating, much more so having a concrete reward for it! Performance bonuses give employees a sense of  fulfillment and ownership over their work, making it easier for both them and the employer to meet goals. 


Mental Health Support

Being in a workplace can bring a lot of stress, especially with the challenge of maintaining a work-life balance. Even if someone has relatively good mental health, keeping one’s mental well-being in check is necessary! Access to counseling services is a perk your employees will surely appreciate. 


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Professional Training

Offering professional training is a surefire way to show your employees that you see them as valuable assets to the workplace and that you care about their career growth! 




A Flexible Schedule

With the rise of work from home jobs over the past few years, flexible hours have become attractive to employees more than ever. It gives them the freedom to split their tasks at a level that’s comfortable for them and at a rate where they’ll be most productive. It also eases the burden of trying to juggle personal and work-related responsibilities all at the same time!




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Free company products

Free stuff, especially having access to soon-to-launch products, can cultivate a feeling of inclusivity and value among employees. At the same time, it can give employers feedback on new products early on at low costs!



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Free Food and Drinks

Enough said? 😂 A Harvard Business Review study reveals that employees often go through a lot of snacks during working hours; so giving them access to some free food will definitely go a long way! Some free drinks to cap off the day are an awesome bonus, too. 





Similar to many of the perks mentioned above, providing stocks/shares/equity to employees gives them a sense of ownership. It’s something to look forward to in the long-term; an exercise of delayed gratification that can motivate them to work hard and stay longer. 


To Conclude

Satisfied employees mean more overall success for the company. It also creates a culture of positive morale in the workplace, so taking the time to figure out which perks to provide them with is crucial! We hope our list has helped you narrow down your options; we’d love to hear all about it via our Instagram— @harmoni.desk


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