Top 10 Feel-Good Shows to Watch When You're Feeling Stressed

Top 10 Feel-Good Shows to Watch When You're Feeling Stressed

No matter how much we try to avoid it, sometimes we just can’t help but feel pressured or overwhelmed. And sometimes, we need a moment to tune out things that cause us stress. While a binge-worthy crime series is always interesting, there are days when we just need a good comedic, comforting TV show to chase the blues away. Check out these feel-good comedies you should add to your ‘happy shows’ list: 

Grace and Frankie 

Grace and Frankie

Image Source: The New York Times

This Emmy award-winning TV show features Grace and Frankie who are longtime rivals with completely opposite personalities. They find themselves forced to rely on each other as they face the realities of being in their 70s after finding out their husbands have fallen in love.




Younger Characters

Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Younger is centered on Liza Miller, a single mom in her 40s who braves the corporate world after a long hiatus, except she finds herself completely out of place amongst young, social media savvy candidates. In an attempt to compete, she ends up pretending to be a 26 year old who is a “social media expert”.



 30 Rock

30 Rock Characters

Image Source: Pitchfork

Made up of characters with very diverse backgrounds, political perspectives, and socio-economic circumstances, 30 Rock is packed with hilarious, cynical episodes. The show is outlandish; the rich, privileged characters are quite out of touch with reality. 30 Rock features such a bizarre universe enough to keep you distracted from real life!



Ted Lasso 

Ted Lasso Characters

Image Source: The New York Timex

Ted Lasso plays an American football coach who is offered a huge deal as a soccer coach for a team in England. He accepted the job despite not knowing anything about the sport and expectedly received a lot of backlash from the team’s fans and the press. His goofy, quirky, uplifting personality just gets to you, perfect for when you need an instant motivational boost!



 The Good Place

The Good Place Characters

Image Source: The Guardian

The Good Place is set in the ‘afterlife’, where people who have passed either end up in “The Good Place” or “The Bad Place”. Eleanor, one of the main characters, is mistakenly sent to “The Good Place” despite having a "poor track record” during her life on earth. The story kickstarts when Eleanor begins correcting her actions from her previous life to keep her spot in “The Good Place”. The show portrays philosophical themes in a hilarious, plot twist-filled manner. The fantasy show will definitely keep your eyes glued to the screen and your mind away from stress!



 Modern Family

Modern Family Characters

Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Modern Family is centered on a non-traditional family, spotlighting their daily struggles (and squabbles) as they trudge through modern family structures in the 21st century. The sitcom is filmed documentary style and is loaded with hysterical, light-hearted episodes.



The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show

Image Source: Variety

Cooking shows are very entertaining (not to mention mouthwatering!), but sometimes they could be stressful when they’re embellished with drama and conflict. The Great British Baking Show is purely dessert-making and cake decorating for your enjoyment!



 Planet Earth

Planet Earth TV Show Poster

Image Source: Amazon

Planet Earth is one of the most loved nature shows on Netflix. Planet Earth presents a huge variety of breathtaking nature spots across 64 different countries. The combination of David Attenborough’s calming voice and adorable animals will surely put you in a good mood!




Community Characters

Image Source: The Independent

The sitcom Community stars a former lawyer whose license is revoked and is left with no choice but to get a degree at a community college. He ends up finding a set of friends in a study group he unintentionally set up. According to Vox, it’s one of the "most inventive, “terrifically funny TV shows in history."



 The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Bob Ross Painting

Image Source: Bob Ross

You probably have already seen his face on memes all over social media, but this show is basically a safe haven for anyone feeling a little down or overstressed. Paintings coming to life coupled with Bob Ross’ soothing voice is the epitome of pureness and joyfulness!




To Conclude

You can never have too many fuzzy-blanket worthy shows at your disposal for when you need a quick escape from life. While you’re at it, go ahead and pair your feel-good show of the night with these comforting essential oils. What TV show or movie do you usually put on when you’re feeling stressed?

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