Top Ten Christmas Gifts for an Entrepreneur

Top Ten Christmas Gifts for an Entrepreneur

Do you know someone who lives a busy lifestyle as an entrepreneur? Or perhaps you are a budding entrepreneur yourself but you don’t know it yet! For someone living  life in the fast lane, some might say they have it all.The career, the go-getting attitude and the lifestyle. So if you’re struggling for some Christmas present inspiration, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve carefully selected our top ten Christmas presents specially for an entrepreneur. With our gift list your entrepreneurial relatives and friends will be sure to be impressed.


Productivity Planner

activity productivity planner

Stay organised and on top of your game with a productivity planner. Schedule in your week’s itinerary and organise your time effectively. 

The best planners on the market at the moment include Intelligent Change’s Planner which features a six-month journal which will boost your productivity and reduce your procrastination. This planner will help to prioritise goals, set daily and weekly targets, and also allow users to access inspiring quotes.


Camera & laptop bag

Do you always get the latest gadgets? Stay on trend with an amazing camera bag. Suitable for either your camera or your laptop, the CADeN rucksack is the perfect travel companion. 

Sometimes being in nature can be a great mood booster which will help you switch off and relax for a little while. For entrepreneurs, it is really important that you do some daily exercise in order to maintain high levels of energy and productivity. Given that we spend approximately 8.9 hours every day sitting down (according to healthline), get outside and take advantage of nature by taking photos. Easily transport your laptop and camera wherever you go with a stylish rucksack. 

Coffee Machine

coffee latte

The most successful people are those who have a very structured morning routine. From meditation, creating positive daily affirmations and motivational self-talk, or simply setting yourself up for the day right with a hearty breakfast, success is all about creating excellent routines. You can easily start your day off right with a simple cup of coffee. We recommend the Sage by Heston the Barista Express which creates a professional standard espresso.

Similarly, if you are after a coffee machine that is hand powered, rather than being electric, the Flair Signature Espresso Maker is an excellent investment which is not only more environmentally friendly, but produces coffee of a very high standard.


Portable Charger

Do you always carry your phone on you? With a portable charger you will never run out of battery. For that all important phone call, message or Tweet, stay connected with a portable charger. We’ve picked out a few lightweight, stylish options for you to choose from. The two main fast charging standards you're likely to encounter are USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm's Quick Charge.

Quick Charge allows you to charge your phone to 50 percent capacity in 30 minutes. This is great if you need power instantly.  Power Delivery on the other hand is the fastest charging option available. It allows for power to flow both ways between two devices. 


Harmoni desk stand

woman drink coffee next to a standing desk

Do you work all day sat down? Or perhaps you are looking for new ways to have a healthier lifestyle? The Harmoni desk stand has been ergonomically designed to boost your energy levels and your productivity. Customise your workspace easily, both in the office or at home. Made from high quality birch plywood and varnished to give a glossy look, the Harmoni desk stand is an investment which will give you happiness for years to come. If you’re working from home at the moment, take advantage of plenty of natural light whilst you work.

Our desk stand is lightweight and portable; meaning that you can easily build your desk stand and collapse back it down again within minutes in any room of the house. Set your desk up where there is plenty of natural light in order to get your Vitamin D. Get yours today by clicking here!


The book ‘The Power of Habits: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change’

The Power of Habits: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change by Charles Duhigg is a powerful self-help book which will help transform your habits. Written by an award winning New York Times business reporter, Duhigg explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. By harnessing the science of repeating positive habits, Duhigg suggests that we can transform our businesses, our communities and our lives.


Happy light

As we get ready for Christmas and the days get shorter, consider investing in a Happy Light! This LED mini daylight desk lamp stimulates UV-free sunshine. For entrepreneurs especially, it is really important to maintain a positive mood in order to work at your optimum throughout the day. What’s more, the lamp has been medical CE approved and helps to balance your body clock to help you feel more refreshed.

LED lamp therapy at the right time of day can really improve your mood and also help to improve your sleep.The lamp has many health benefits, including reducing the production of the hormone melatonin, as well as adjusting the levels of melatonin that can help the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder or winter depression.  


FLYY Inhalers

Flyy inhalers for gifts

We recommend using FLYY inhalers to help you stay productive. The FLYY nasal inhalers come in two flavours, Orange Breeze and Arctic Blast. Containing all natural ingredients including menthol, eucalyptus oil and sweet orange oil (in Orange Breeze) , these inhalers are the perfect pocket companion. Lightweight and portable, FLYY inhalers pack a punch. Feel instantly refreshed at work in the office and before your workout. These inhalers will help you  to stay focused and feel instantly revitalised which is great for when you’re working during the day.


Some cute little plants 

Invest in some cute and healthy plants and help to decorate your workspace. Did you know that there are huge health benefits if you have plants in your home? Not only do plants help you feel calmer, but they boost your focus and mental clarity.  According to ecowatch, having plants in your home helps to improve your air quality by removing 87% of pollutants! Plants release airborne chemicals which tackle pollutants in the air such as Formaldehyde and Benzene (both known to cause cancer!) .


A travel mug

Don’t forget to buy a Travel mug, not only sustainable and cost-effective, the YETI travel mug keeps all 24 ounces warm. Insulated with a chunky handle, use this travel mug for both hot and cold drinks. You can even choose from ten different colours!



Our top ten Christmas gifts for an entrepreneur have been carefully selected so as to help you stay motivated and productive, particularly in the workplace. Also remember to opt to buy from independent stores and local businesses where you can as this is more environmentally friendly and economical. With a standing desk, portable charger and planner you can stay on the top of your game! Don’t forget to share our recommendations with a friend, or perhaps you might feel inspired to get them a present today ready for Christmas!


By Katie Bodha


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