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The Things That People Miss in an Office Setup

The pandemic has impacted our way of life and how we work. While new technologies support the unique work setting, we can still say that it isn't quite the same. While many of us embraced the work from home setup, there must still be at least one thing you miss in an office-based structure. Keep scrolling and tell us which of these you missed most. 


1. Office banters and jokes

For some of us, colleagues we work with at the office become our friends. Of course, with stronger bonds comes hilarious banter. We believe that even the most minor conversation can get us through the most stressful of days. The circle of colleagues we make in the office gives us our safe space to vent frustrations, joke around, and sometimes keep us sane. 


2. Dressing up 

Working at home means you don't have to worry about what to wear. You get to be extra comfortable because you won't have to wake up early to pick out an outfit and ensure that you look presentable. But on some days, you might miss wearing a couple of your favourite outfits to work, or you feel like your shoes are feeling lonely in the shoe rack, and you have this urge to show them off to your colleagues. 

 Colleagues eating their lunch outside their office

3. Lunchtime with colleagues

Lunch breaks are more fun when you have colleagues to eat with while stepping away from work for an hour. It has always been a chance for teams to try out a new restaurant or the perfect time to brag about your nutritious meal prep while encouraging them to try it out themselves. 


4. The daily work structure in the office

Working from home has caused a considerable shift in our routine. Although it can have its perks for some, like working in the comfort of your own home, it allows you the added flexibility to manage others' schedules in your household. Still, having distinct places for work and home certainly makes it easier to separate the two each day.


5. You miss roaming the office

Not everyone has a spacious room or apartment where they can roam around anytime they want. Next thing you know, you're suffering from a major case of cabin fever. An office almost always provides a lot of walking room. This is great when you need to step away for a while or when you’ve been sitting at your desk for hours. 

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6. Peace and focus

The pandemic required us to stay at home as much as possible. But what if you live and work at home with your whole family and pets, with children who also do homeschooling. It can be pretty chaotic, which is why some people miss that they can work quietly and focus at the office, where they are not distracted by the dishes in the kitchen, the laundry, toys lying around or the dog that needs to be walked.


Employees enjoying birthday celebration in the office 

7. Celebration

In a healthy workplace where everything matters, everyone celebrates both huge and small victories. Office celebrations such as Christmas parties, birthdays, work anniversaries, etc are probably what many miss the most. It’s a time when everyone gets to loosen up the screws, enjoy their food and drinks, and have fun with people in real life and not in front of the screen.

The Takeaway

Working from home has become the new normal. So many of us have turned our homes into offices, upgraded our internet, and even bought many things to ensure that we are comfortable and satisfied in our workspace. But we can agree that to a certain degree, on some days, there are just some things that can't be replicated at home.

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