How Can Yoga and Meditation Affect Your Work?

How Can Yoga and Meditation Affect Your Work?

Yoga and meditation are definitely growing more popular. All over the world, there are yoga gyms and programs within an arm’s reach. The increasing demand is in conjunction with numerous scientific research that have proven psychological and physical benefits for their involvement in our daily routine.

What’s the relationship between Yoga and meditation?

Meditation is a mental exercise for calmness and physical relaxation which are essential to the practice of Yoga. Along with meditation, Yoga involves bodily movements, poses, and breathing techniques. That being so, the two are intertwined and can’t be separated!

Benefits of the Practice of Yoga and Meditation in the Workplace

1. It decreases stress hormones.

A study conducted by Dr. B Rael Cah from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles shows that Yoga improves one’s resistance to elements of stress. Multiple studies have also shown that those who do yoga are less likely to get anxious or depressed which usually occur when stress levels are high.

2. It improves your mood.

Because relaxation is one of the main pillars of both yoga and meditation, practicing them puts you in a better mood. And working in a good mood puts you in a productive atmosphere!

3. It harnesses creativity.

Being stressed, distracted, and nerve-wrecked can easily put us into a creative block. Yoga & meditation improve our problem-solving skills and cognitive flexibility, abilities that help us think outside the box (Ostafin & Kassman, 2012).

4.It fosters healthier personal and professional relationships.

Mindfulness is the key to both Yoga and meditation. The more we do Yoga/meditation, the more natural it is for us to become mindful and empathic. Relationships in general are healthier when empathy is constantly at play. Tension and disagreements in and out of the workplace are easier to handle when we understand and validate each other.

5. It improves chronic pain.

Any type of chronic pain certainly impedes our ability to give our tasks and jobs our one hundred percent. Luckily, years of research have shown that those who do Yoga/meditation experienced significant relief from chronic pain. So if you’re troubled by an injury or a physical condition, incorporating meditation or yoga could certainly help (Harvard Health, 2015)!

6. It improves sleep quality.

At work where we’re faced with tough responsibilities, strict deadlines, and perplexing situations that require a sharp mind, a poor quality of sleep is bad news. It could also lead to comorbidities such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, among others. Studies show that yoga reduces sleep disturbances and sleep problems, improving the overall quality of sleep. (Bankar, S. Chaudchari & K. Chaudchari, 2013). After all, a well-rested mind and body means a more attentive, spirited you!

7. It boosts energy.

Yoga, like other types of exercise, improves blood circulation and oxygenation that keep the body energetic. Even a few yoga stretches during a busy day can boost your energy levels and prevent fatigue!

8. It helps you concentrate.

When days are consistently busy at work and deadlines overlap, staying focused becomes a difficult task. Yoga and meditation promote mental clarity amidst the work clutter. So while scheduling a yoga session in the middle of a ‘crazy’ week sounds counterproductive, the opposite actually happens!

Yoga and meditation are finding their way in the workplace setting as they do pose a wide range of benefits that add up to a more productive, less stressful, healthier work environment. In fact, many companies across the world have actually included yoga and meditation in their wellness programs. The best thing about these exercises is it’s never too late to start! Young, old, active, or sedentary, there are meditation and yoga exercises that are right for you. Check out these eco-friendly yoga must-haves!


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