What Makes Harmoni the Best Choice for Standing Desks?

What Makes Harmoni the Best Choice for Standing Desks?

The shift to remote work (and even remote school) piqued the interest of many in DIY-ing ergonomic office spaces at the comfort of their homes. The market has responded well and quickly, offering customers with infinite choices. Somewhat reminiscent of a ‘first-world problem’, the challenge now is to filter through all the information and find out which best suits your needs and work habits. If you’ve been thinking about getting yourself a standing desk, here are the things to definitely include in your pro list under Harmoni!


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Harmoni standing desks are proven to boost productivity by 48%. 

Productivity is, without a doubt, a matter of top priority when it comes to building a workspace. Though posture may seem insignificant to the type of output we’re able to deliver at work, it’s actually quite the opposite. We designed Harmoni standing desks with one main thing in mind: the customer. Our standing desks stay true to the value of ergonomics to make sure that its structure and versatility encourages a productive work environment. Harmoni Standing Desks are height-adjustable to increase blood circulation, improve fitness levels, and prevent back pain; all of which help you become even more alert and productive at work!

Harmoni Carrier Bag

You can bring Harmoni standing desks anywhere you go!

If you’re a full-time digital nomad who loves a constant change of atmosphere, a Harmoni standing desk is a great addition to your set of  ‘travel buddies’. Its easy-to-set-up, lightweight, and no-nonsense design makes it highly portable. It even comes with an equally lightweight, durable, eco-friendly carrying bag that keeps it from getting damaged!

They’re sustainably-sourced. 

The wood used to make Harmoni Standing Desks come to life are from FSC-certified sources. Abbreviated from Forest Stewardship Council, an FSC certification means a product source matches the highest environmental and social standards all over the world. And it doesn’t stop there; Harmoni Standing Desks are produced locally with an obsession for quality. This way, we’re able to minimize our carbon footprint and waste! 

Woman working on a Harmoni Desk in a Sitting Position

With Harmoni Standing Desks, you can switch between sitting and standing throughout the day!

Transitioning to a standing desk can take a few days to a few weeks of getting used to. Even then, it’s totally acceptable to sit when you prefer to! With Harmoni Standing Desks, you can alternate between a sitting and a standing position with zero effort! 

They’re built to last. 

One of the biggest struggles of buying any furniture is making sure you’re making the right investment, aka getting ones that are extremely durable. Harmoni Standing Desks are sourced, produced, and delivered to you with the utmost attention to standards and details; so someone like you gets to enjoy the benefits for years on end! 

Harmoni Desk Set Outdoors

Their minimalist design fits all workspaces.

Harmoni Standing Desks are made to complement any space you designate for work, whether that’s your home office, a hotel room desk, or even your bed! All you really need is a 50cmx50cm space to prop it on.  



To Conclude

Highly recommended by physiotherapists, standing desks are definitely etching their way into the future of desk work. Not only do Harmoni Standing Desks better one’s physical and mental state, they also introduce a fresh, stylish look to your workspace! Check out what our customers have to say about our standing desks here! 

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