David Asprey’s Approach to Biohacking

David Asprey’s Approach to Biohacking

Known as the “Father of Biohacking”, David Asprey is the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, Bulletproof 360 and Bulletproof Radio. The author of four-time New York Bestselling Books, Dave has taken the health world by storm, investing over two million dollars to take control of his own biology. Passionate about empowering others to unlock their own ‘Super Human’, Dave uses his years of experience and expertise to educate others on how they too can unlock their own potential, and enhance their mental and physical performance.

Dave has created the Bulletproof diet as a means of providing people with the necessary components to transform their lives, including their sleep, energy levels and brain activity. Essential for any entrepreneur, Dave advises others on how to create the best body in order to perform consistently at your peak, and as a result, become a better human being. 

Ahead of the Upgrade 2021 Biohacking Virtual Conference next weekend where Dave will be speaking, we’ve put together some of his top tips on how to biohack your health and optimise your productivity and energy levels.


1) Use cold therapy

Proven to reduce inflammation and increase cellular antioxidants, cold therapy is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system in the long term. Through repeated but brief exposure to cold therapy, David highlights the fact that you can activate the vagus nerve; boosting relaxation and helping to remove stress. 

Whilst in the short term, it will probably feel quite uncomfortable immersing yourself under cold water for controlled periods of time, cold exposure is actually very beneficial for helping to improve insulin sensitivity which boosts your immune system. 
Try running cold water for one minute in your shower, and interchanging this using hot water for ten minutes. If you’re more experienced, using ice cold baths or even cold lakes to submerge your body is extremely beneficial.


2) Increase your body temperature

Increase your body temperature by using a sauna or steam room. By increasing the body temperature and gently heating your skin, this is proven to strengthen your immune system and stimulate heat shock proteins. As well as creating antioxidants which help the immune system to fight off viruses and reduce your risk of getting sick, David points out that heat can correct the neuronal miscommunication that contributes to depression, and also increase the levels of serotonin in your body!


3) Try some breathing exercises

A great tool for helping you to achieve a calm mental state, Dave encourages people to take a breath and slow down. Whether you are looking for ways to improve stress-resilience, stimulate healing responses, or even make our lungs stronger, by practising taking deep breaths you can increase your oxidative stress in the airway and boost your immune system. Dave suggests practising deep breathing in small doses and building this practise up over time. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and picked up some useful biohacking tips! Also, be sure to check out Dave’s own blog for tips on how to improve your vision, gut and overall immune system. Dave covers easy ways to biohack for beginners, whether that be turning off your wifi at night or using a bag to put your phone in when walking around. 







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