Customer Story: Meet Tina

Customer Story: Meet Tina

 Our Harmoni desk stand helps boost your productivity and optimise your energy levels! Tina recently became the proud owner of his Harmoni desk stand and we recently caught up with her this month to hear about her experience using her desk stand.

Q: What is your occupation? What type of work or activity do you use your Harmoni desk for?

I am an Innovation Director for Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, a leading British Construction & Regeneration group.


Q: What type of work or activity that you use your Harmoni desk for?

I use my Harmoni desk to run workshops, deliver public speeches and join in Teams meetings. Although today I was dancing at the live Disco provided by one of our customers which was a fun new way to use my desk this morning! 


Q: What's one thing you do every day that helps you to stay focused?

To help stay focussed I use an App called Forest where you get a tree if you focus for a set amount of time – also standing helps me to focus!

Q: How has the desk helped you to be more productive at work?

I feel more relaxed and engaged when talking to people in digital meetings. I can also move more naturally and communicate better! Using the standing desk means that I can also stay in the meeting and still go make a coffee – it's just more fun!

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