Customer Story: Meet Nick

Customer Story: Meet Nick

Buying your standing desk is an affordable investment in your physical and mental health! Nick became the proud owner of his Harmoni desk stand and we recently caught up with him to hear about his experience using his desk stand.

Q: What is your occupation? What type of work or activity do you use your Harmoni desk for?

I’m an Innovation Consultant, Strategy Coach and Facilitator. I really enjoy using the standing desk while delivering my online workshops and presentations.

Q: Do you work from home?

I’m self-employed and have worked from home a lot even before the pandemic. I’m not visiting clients in person at the moment so I’m 100% working from home.

Q: What sort of routine do you have?

I wake up and do a work out via Zoom with my friend 4 days a week at 6am. One day a week I workout with my PT. I live next to Wimbledon Common so go for a nice walk, after then I go to work. I enjoy doing a couple of hours standing up, then take a break and sit down.

Q: How has our standing desk helped your health?

The standing desk has helped me improve my posture and my breathing. It also helps me with my concentration.

Q: What do you like about the desk?  What difference has standing to work made?

I like using the standing desk also for admin tasks like emails. I find I get them done even more quickly while standing up.

Nick recently published an amazing YouTube video featuring our Harmoni desk stand. You can take a look below!

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