Running Out of Creative Juices? Here Are Apps that Can Help!

Running Out of Creative Juices? Here Are Apps that Can Help!

Even for highly creative individuals, working on projects that require a lot of creativity isn’t always smooth sailing. Sometimes, the idea just comes to you and it’s over before you know it. Other times, you’d be stuck on your desk for what feels like a hundred hours with a blank document in front of you. You then realize you’ve hit yet another creative block, and most of the time you can’t really afford to wait it out. If you’re running out of options, here are mobile apps that can help you kickstart those creative juices!

Brainsparker App

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Brainsparker Creativity Cards

Brainsparker is a collection of creativity prompts that trigger the imagination and fuel a brainstorming session. When you go on the app, you’ll be asked to pick a random card which contains a question or a one-liner meant to help you come out of your creative block. 




Inflow Visual Notebook App Sample Sketch

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Inkflow Visual Notebook

If visuals help you come up with ideas, the Inkflow Visual Notebook would be really enjoyable for you. It’s a note taking app that lets you doodle and even turn paper sketches into digital vectors. It offers a lot of customization- resizing, moving objects around, adding photos, etc!




Simplemind App Sample Sketch

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Sometimes ‘the big idea’ is being overlapped by hundreds of other thoughts and you end up stuck amidst chaos and a lack of progress. SimpleMind puts organization into the equation—letting you map thoughts, ideas, and information all in a page and hyperlink to others. It also has a search function for quicker navigation!




Ambient Cafe App Interface

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Ambient Cafe

The work environment we’re in creates a huge effect not only on our productivity levels but also on our cognitive functions. It’s difficult to get the creative juices flowing when we feel uncomfortable or distracted. If you find that your best ideas come out working in a cafe, you’d find the Ambient Cafe app really useful! It mimics and combines the music and white noise in a coffee shop so you can “work at a cafe” anytime and anywhere!




Spotify App Interface



Music can be powerful in stimulating the mind. The popular streaming app, Spotify,  houses a myriad of playlists that help you focus, relax, and feel energised. If you’re scrambling to find a playlist that works for you, check out our article on the best playlists to listen to while working




Curator App Interface

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Curator easily transforms your thoughts and ideas into curated presentations great for one-on-one meetings with your boss or your client. The virtual brainstorming app lets you put together visuals to create stories, craft moodboards, or collect inspiration. 



Tayasui Sketches App Interface


Tayasui Sketches 

Every design idea stems from a sketch: a vague picture of the final output. Tayasui Sketches offers its users realistic drawing tools that help them turn their visions into more concrete ideas. Needless to say, it’s a lot more convenient compared to manual sketches because it allows you to make changes rapidly without making a mess!

To Conclude

Creative blocks, while frustrating, are completely normal! So don’t fret, there are lots of apps that can help you get back on track and spark your creativity. If you decide to give any of the above a try, we’d love to hear how it went!

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