Best Playlists to Listen to While Working

Best Playlists to Listen to While Working

Music can improve productivity,  sharpen our focus, spark creativity, motivate, and relax. For a lot of 9-5ers, music plays a huge role in how their work week pans out. Sometimes when we’re suffering from a creative block, feeling demotivated, or unfocused, music can turn the tables.  If you’re looking for tunes to add to your playlist, keep reading!

Coffee Shop

Your Favorite Coffeehouse

Reminiscent of mellow, relaxing coffee shop playlists, Your Favorite Coffeehouse has more than seven hours worth of tunes that are sure to make you feel motivated and focused. It’s perfect to listen to at home or while you’re at a coworking space!


Girl studying

Brain Food

Brain Food collects slow, electronic music that are best for tasks or schoolwork that require a lot of concentration. If you find yourself more efficient when the music’s relaxing, this playlist is for you. 



Peaceful Piano

If you find song lyrics a little distracting, the Peaceful Piano playlist may be  your cup of tea. It’s a 19-hour compilation of the best piano pieces of all time. 


Guy writing on a whiteboard in the middle of a discussion with a workmate

Motivation Mix

If things at work seem to be going slow or if you’re doing a task you don’t necessarily enjoy doing, this collection of upbeat and energetic music does wonders. It’ll get you in the mood to power through the rest of the day! 


Guy focused on his laptop screen

Deep Focus

Deep Focus is a combination of ambient and post-rock music that help with staying focused and keeping calm. Like Peaceful Piano, all songs are instrumental. The collection of songs fit right into a cozy, serene workspace ambiance. 


Girl driving a car

Young & Free

If you’re looking to get a boost of energy for the 8-hour work day (especially on a Monday), Young & Free is a great combination of genres ranging from Indie to Pop that deliver joyful positive vibes. 


Girl dressed retro

All Out 90s

If throwback songs always put you in a good mood, the All Out 90s playlist is your jam. With over 6 million likes ( no doubt about that), it compiles the biggest songs in the 90s that anyone in their 20s and 30s can surely sing along to!


Girl thinking

Music for Concentration

If you’ve hit a creative block, this mix of minimalist, electronica, and modern classical music might just get the juices flowing. It helps enhance our focus and restart our minds. 


Girl on her laptop sitting by a window

Calm Down

If the work stress is starting to get to you, the Calm Down playlist is a great way to take your mind off the pressure. It’s a collection of a wide range of 'chill out' songs. 


Girl on her computer

Lofi Beats

Lofi music is loved for its éffectiveness in positively triggering our focus, mostly for how ‘raw’ it is. Lo fi or Low Fidelity are songs that contain slight technical flaws- a distortion, some humming, or a frequency response. The Lofi Beats, sworn by many students, particularly has more than four million likes on Spotify! 

To Conclude

Playlist Cover Photo

Our Playlist: Work in Harmoni

Though some playlists are more popular than others, when it comes to music, the sky really is the limit. People like different genres and what works for one doesn’t always work for another! That’s why our team came together to create the Work in Harmoni playlist— a collection of songs we all personally listen to or play in the background while working! Check it out on Spotify. If you have any specific genres or even songs in mind, we’d love to give them a try!

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