The Best Good Luck Gifts to Celebrate a New Business

The Best Good Luck Gifts to Celebrate a New Business

Starting a business is a huge milestone and it definitely calls for a celebration! If you’ve been scrambling for gift ideas to show your support to a family member, a friend, or your partner taking on a new venture; you’ve come to the right place!


A Reusable Notebook

Suffice it to say that an entrepreneurial journey is quite the rollercoaster. It’s a constant learning and brainstorming process, both of which entail lots of notetaking! The Rocketbook Core puts together the features of a traditional notebook and a digital one. The writing experience is no different from a physical notebook, but it gives you the chance to store your notes in cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive). After digitally saving notes, whatever’s written can be erased with a drop of water!  Check out the The Rocketbook core here.

A Tile

Misplacing things is really common, but going through one busy day after another can make it almost inevitable. Tile lets you track your valuables- whether they’re miles away or in close proximity. It also hooks up to smart speakers like Alexa; smart speakers are able to locate items attached to Tile. And if you ever lose Tile itself, it comes with a QR code that points whoever finds it to your contact information. Get a tile here. 

A Travel Card

If you’re deciding on a gift for someone who does a lot of travel for business purposes, a Travel Card is definitely a useful gift. Travel Cards are wallet-sized chargers that can accommodate different kinds of phones. See Travel Card options here. 



A Portable Scanner

This portable scanner from Epson is wireless, lightweight, and is a great gift for someone who deals with a lot of paperwork and readings. It scans documents quickly and it connects to your mobile device for on-the-go scanning needs!



Essential Oils

 There’s no doubt that running a business brings more than its fair share of stress and nerves. Essential oils alleviate stress and promote good mental health. Read more about the other health benefits of essential oils here

A Portable French Press Set 

The Bodum Coffee Set is the perfect fuel for long, hectic days. It features a coffee grinder, a french press, and an insulated mug. Bonus: It can make as much as a liter of full bodied coffee at a time! 



A Cork Roller

Bodyache is one of the most common enemies of stress and overworking. Unfortunately, this isn’t unfamiliar to entrepreneurs behind startups. Cork rollers are a quick, convenient way to target painful muscles and increase circulation in the body. These anti-sweat, anti-microbial, sustainably produced cork rollers come in varying sizes for better pain localization and portability!


A Lexon Oslo

Lexon Oslo is a wireless charger that doubles as a bluetooth speaker. It also features a hands-free microphone, making it absolutely virtual meeting-friendly. All in all,it’s a convenient space saver that’s a great addition to an office! Get a Lexon Oslo here


Craft Beer Gift Kit

If you’re gifting a beer-lover, they would definitely love to celebrate with these fresh, super customizable, craft beer sets from Best of British Beer. You get to choose between 6, 9, 12, or even 50 craft beer bottles to include in your gift kit, plus they offer a lot of creative-looking packaging to store the beers in!



A Washable Keyboard

If your recipient has a knack for (literally) spilling tea, save them from themselves with this washable keyboard. It’s 100 % waterproof, anti-dirt, easy to clean, and durable! 



A Kindle

Gift the access to millions of informational and inspirational books with Kindle. It’s a lightweight, tablet-like device that‘s designed for reading and audio book listening. It opens and closes much like a physical book and it’s water resistant, too! 



The Five Minute Journal

Give your entrepreneur in mind a daily inspiration boost with The Five Minute Journal. It’s a planner slash bullet journal in one. Backed by psychology, its pages feature prompts that evoke positive feelings. 


A Book: The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit is a great read for entrepreneurs. Written by New York Times bestselling author Charles Duhigg, the book puts human nature to the test and shows the potential for success behind changing our overall habits. It features how the right set of habits have transformed and bettered things for Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, civil-rights hero Martin Luther King Jr., Procter & Gamble, Target superstores, Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, NFL locker rooms, and America’s largest hospitals. 


A Standing Desk

Give the gift of a productive yet comfortable workspace with a standing desk! Standing desks boost productivity by 48%, increase energy levels, and reduce the symptoms of backache. Check out these portable, ergonomic standing desks

Blue Light Glasses 

Running a business involves a lot of screen-staring, which may cause headaches, eye strain, and even a  negative impact on our cognitive abilities. By protecting our eyes from sources of blue light,  blue light glasses improve cognitive performance and help prevent (mental & physical) fatigue. 

Indoor Plants

An indoor plant makes a workplace look and feel relaxing, plus they have a lot of physical and mental benefits! If you aren’t sure which one to get as a gift, check out this article listing the best indoor plants and how to take care of them!

To Conclude

We hope you’ve found your perfect gift idea, or at least narrowed down your previous list! To all the entrepreneurs or soon-to-be entrepreneurs, what would you love to add to these? Let us know!

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