The Best Coffee Shops to Work From in New York

The Best Coffee Shops to Work From in New York

The ambiance of a workspace does wonders on our productivity, mood, and even our physical health. For those who don’t work in an office, the freedom to choose a workspace where one can get all tasks done is both a blessing and a curse. It can be a challenge finding a space that’s the total package: comfortable, non-disruptive, and has a good wifi connection. For some, it also means a place that serves great coffee! If you find the atmosphere of a coffee shop inviting, here are ones you should definitely check out: 


Taylor St. Baristas Indoors

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Taylor St. Baristas ( 33E 40th Street)

In the midst of busy streets and shops in New York lies Taylor St. Baristas; a quiet corner for you to sit down for a buzz session or to create that presentation!  Taylor St. Baristas has an upstairs dining area to keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the city coupled with a wide selection of breakfast and lunch options. 

Partners Coffee Customers in Indoor Sitting

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Partners Coffee (multiple locations)

With wifi and outdoor seating available, Partner’s Coffee is a friend to all digital nomads; plus they have  a range of coffees, baked goodies, breakfast meals, and lunch meals to accompany you on a long work day!


Birch Coffee Indoors

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Birch Coffee New York (21 E 27th Street)

With its serene atmosphere, Birch is ideal for the type of tasks that require a lot of your attention and none of the distractions. They have a lot of power outlets, too so you don’t have to worry about having to interrupt an intense brainstorming session!


Black Cat Coffee Indoors

Image Source: Black Cat Coffee

Black Cat Coffee (172 Rivington St.)

The nostalgic scenery at Black Cat Coffee may just bring you happy memories and positive feelings. With leather couches, board games, a piano, beers, and wines, it’ll take you right back to college and away from the corporate-world-stress!


Book Club New York Interior

Image Source: Book Club New York

Book Club New York (197 E 3rd Street)

A bookstore, coffee shop, and wine bar in one, Book Club is a nice working spot with fast wifi and an outdoor area for the summer! It’s the perfect place to get things done or sit down on an important project. 


Fika Espresso Bar Interior

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FIKA Espresso Bar (41 W 58th St.)

Taking a Scandinavian interior inspiration, FIKA Espresso Bar is a spacious, comfortable nook that digital nomads like you will love. It even has communal tables for coworking or group meetings!   


Sey Coffee

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Sey Coffee (18 Grattan St.)

There’s some magic behind aesthetically pleasing interiors. If you’re a huge fan of greens and natural light, Sey Coffee might just be your next favorite cafe to work at in Brooklyn! They have free wifi and really good coffee, too!


Stumptown Coffee Indoors

Image Source: Daily Coffee News

Stumptown Coffee Roasters (multiple locations)

If coffee is at the top of your priority list when it comes to an out-of-home workspace, you should definitely head to Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Plus their interior has an old library feel—quiet, quaint, and cozy!


The Bean New York Interior

Image Source: New Yorker Tips

The Bean New York (multiple locations)

The vibe at The Bean will remind you of late night group study sessions. It’s cool, amply busy, and roomy! If you’re needing to crunch some numbers or get the creative juices flowing, you should make your way to The Bean and grab some excellent coffee while you’re at it. 


Variety Coffee Roasters Indoors

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Variety Coffee Roasters (multiple locations)

Variety Coffee Roasters is built for desk work; It has a mellow, cool, well-lit atmosphere and features free wifi. They have multiple power outlets so you don’t have to rush to leave before you’re done working!

To Conclude

New York is just filled with coffee shops that non-traditional remote workers will love. Whether you just can’t spend another minute in your home office or you’re doing a quick, outdoor meeting, these coffee shops won’t disappoint! If you pay any of these cafes a visit, let us know how it went! 

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