5 of the Best TED Talks You’ll Want to Watch for Inspiration

5 of the Best TED Talks You’ll Want to Watch for Inspiration

From the Founders of the Black Lives Matter movement to Baastian Zwanenburg and Tim Urban, you’ll want to take notes.

Are you looking for ways to manifest your dream life in 2021? Or perhaps you are looking for some daily inspiration or even a career change? In a research survey conducted by the London Business School, it was revealed that 47% of the one-thousand participants wanted to change their careers. The impact of the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated these thoughts for many people who have found themselves working from home or furloughed. 

Whilst the pandemic has caused a large amount of uncertainty for many people, we’ve put together some digital resources which will help to inspire you and give you the positive push you need to make some proactive changes.

Along with the best desk stretches to do at work, and the daily habits you can use in your routine to optimise your productivity levels and energy, we’ve carefully selected the top five TED talks we recommend watching. Whether you’re a graduate out of University, an aspiring entrepreneur or you’re looking to change careers, we’ve got the most engaging, inspiring and innovative talks ready and waiting. Get watching!


Bastiaan Zwanenburg: “Why Everyone Should Start a Business”

Do you sometimes have ideas about ways in which you would like to change the world? Have you had any ideas that could have a positive impact on your lives and others? Bastiaan Zwanenburg’s TED talk, ‘Why Everyone Should Start a Business?’ provides an insight into how you can start today and make an idea a reality.


An Interview With the Founders of Black Lives Matter

This last year has seen some particularly shocking and racist footage surface on the internet. The inspirations founders of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi courageously share their insight into leadership and promoting equality and freedom for all. This interview is definitely worth watching!



Tim Urban: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Tim Urban’s talk, ‘Inside the Mind of  a Master Procrastinator’ is a revealing and honest insight into how we all fall into the trap of procrastinating, just on different levels. Tim exposes the reality that without set deadlines, many of us struggle on a day to day basis. Speaking from his own experience procrastinating, Tim’s witty and comical talk is well worth a watch, and will be sure to bring a smile to your face!



Adam Grant: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

“Being original is not easy, but it’s the best way to improve the world around us.”


In this TED talk, Adam points out that often people who procrastinate are actually more creative people. Adam highlights the importance of “originals”. In Adam’s own words, “originals” are non-conformists and people who create new ideas. Adam also points out that often many of these people considered to be original actually had lots of other ideas that failed. This talk delivers a powerful message of creativity and hope, encouraging people to create new ideas and share them with the world.



Adam Driver: My Journey From Marine to Actor

This inspiring TED talk gives an insight into Adam’s change of lifestyle from being a marine in the army to attending the Juilliard School and becoming a professional actor. This is a particularly powerful talk as the actor powerfully conveys his journey through different careers which eventually led him to create a non-profit organisation.



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